Vandergriff is nationally recognized as a Blue Ribbon School. We are a K-4 campus. Our focus is to provide rigorous and relevant instruction for our students. We are always learning new ways to assess students and differentiate instruction. But foremost, we want to ensure a safe learning environment by building strong relationships and a sense of community.

Great care is taken to maintain a learning climate that is characterized by a commitment to high academic standards presented in a nurturing and enthusiastic environment. Student leadership is instilled in them within the classroom as well as school-wide. We as a staff are excited to have you be a part of our school year!

We are very fortunate to have an exceptionally talented and dedicated staff that enjoys partnering with parents and the community to ensure that each child receives an exemplary educational experience. Our school's PTO has been outstanding. With dozens of volunteers working each week, and almost 40 active committees, our parents remain a vital aspect of our success.

Vandergriff is a special place. Come see us any time and we will be happy to give you a tour, answer any questions and share how you can get involved. Looking forward to meeting you!

Andrea Sego, Principal