Thanksgiving Luncheon flyer

We are very excited to welcome families to Thanksgiving Lunch on November 17th. Please note the lunch time changes. Additionally, please read through these bullet points to make sure we are all on the same page!
Parents sign in and get a visitor sticker.
Parents will be given a ticket for their meal.
Overflow seating will be in the library.
We will not bring siblings from other grades to eat at different times.
If you have multiple children, you can eat with one and sit with the others during their lunch time.
Parents will exit the building after their child's lunch time.
Parents are not allowed to go to their child's classroom or recess.

Kindergarten 10:15-11:00
1st 10:45-11:30
2nd 11:15-12:00
3rd 11:45-12:30
4th 12:15-1:00